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Introducing Android Super Cleaner App & Features

Has your phone been lagging considerably of late? Has your battery been draining more than usual? Does your device overheat quickly and takes longer to cool itself?

Usually, all Android smartphones fail to work as it is expected of. A super cleaner app in this circumstance will enable you to release valuable memory space and CPU uses.

After it is finished cleaning, your phone will feel like it just left the case.

Download Best Android Cleaner App - ITL Phone Cleaner

ITL Phone Cleaner is the ideal super cleaner for android that scores excellently in this category on the Play Store. This all-in-one junk cleaner app sets the bar very high for other cleaning apps because of its effectiveness.

It is the best super cleaner app for your insanely running smartphone. ITL Phone Cleaner deals with junk removal and restore disk space.

By keeping your system sorted out and mess free, the application gives you a chance master your own device. You additionally get a phone booster, battery saver and antivirus for Android among different other modules.

Cleaning your RAM memory and increasing phone speed by killing background tasks is made much faster. Besides, it utilizes advanced process monitoring procedure to stop stealthy running apps.

The Android booster app can likewise help the speed of your phone by up to 60%. Following is a summary of the considerable number of features that help you clean your phone.

Features of ITL Phone Cleaner

This super cleaner for Android is one of the most powerful Android cleaners accessible for Android phone users. The app lets you scan residue files. In addition, it has extra capacities to boost and secure your phone. Here’s what ITL Phone Cleaner has to offer:

· Junk Cleaner
· Phone Booster
· Social Cleaner
· Battery Saver
· Duplicate Photos Remover
· Antivirus for Android

Junk Cleaner
· The super cleaner app offers a one-tap cleaning to scan and delete junk files.
· The application cleans empty folders, junk files, APKs, cache data to free up storage space.
· You get better performance with more disk capacity.
· You can delete large unwanted files and terminate annoying apps from running on the background.

Speed Booster
· Speed up your slow performing Android phone.
· Uninstall least important apps to optimize performance.
· Release RAM to boost gaming speed by up to 50-60%.
· Accelerate CPU performance of your lagging phone.

Social Cleaner
· Clean your social media files the best super cleaner app for Android.
· Free up space by deleting unwanted audio, video, files and photos etc.
· Delete cache data generated by various social media apps.
· Delete unnecessary data from different social media platform under the same place.

Battery Saver
· Extends battery life of your Android smartphone.
· Finds and takes care of power consumption related issues.
· Display battery life, battery capacity and temperature.
· Manages parameters like WiFi, Bluetooth, Vibration etc. for extended battery life.

Similar Photos Remover
· Delete similar photos and duplicates from your device gallery.
· Set matching levels and customize according to degree of duplicity.
· Boost device performance by saving huge disk space.

Antivirus for Android
· Offers protection from viruses and other infected files in real time.
· Antivirus booster phone cleaner offers user friendly virus scanner module.
· Whitelisting available for those apps that you consider are safe.

ITL Phone Cleaner is a free optimization tool to clean and boost your Android device. It is very much ahead of other Android cleaners available on the Play Store. It is a one tap all-in-one Super Cleaner app that ideally takes care of everything that is wrong with your Android phone.

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